Upload a Logo or Cover

You can upload a jpg image in the Channel you have created. The logo will be displayed in the app in header and will disappear once the contents of the Channel are scrolled up or if any document is opened in the app.

The image format needs to be jpg, landscape, ratio 4:3. The image can be cropped when uploading, but make sure you have some background outside the borders of the logo to be able to post the logo so that it will be displayed properly.

Step 1/3.

Click on Menu on the channel and then click Edit.

create folder screen

Step 2/3.

Then click ‘Upload new cover’.

create folder screen

Step 3/3.

Choose a file. After choosing a file, you will be able to crop the image.

create folder screen create folder screen

Please note that the logo is displayed also in the admin panel, but only a fraction of the logo and it is blurry. This is not how the logo will be displayed in the app.

Below you case see an example of same logo shown both in Sportity Admin panel and in the app.


This is how logo is shown in the admin panel and the app. Please note that in the admin panel logo might look blurry.

create folder screen create folder screen